Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Returning Home, Kind of

 A few days after we got back from Branson, Ross and I were heading to Springfield for Dr. Bell's retirement party.  Ross was asked to speak, which was a great honor, and I was tagging along to see our best friends.  Emily suggested that the kids come too and I jumped at that.  She knows too well that I hate leaving them.  They stayed with a baby sitter for the FIRST time and they loved her so much.  Emily has had the same baby sitter for about six years and I felt very comfortable leaving them with her. 

 Ross did a fabulous job on his speech and so did Shelby.  Loved hearing them talk about a man that influenced them so greatly.  Emily and I had fun being crazy.  Okay, well, I was crazy and Emily laughed---that sums us up. 

Em had a huge air mattress blown up and the girls got to sleep together, which is a BIG treat for them.  They were so tickled.  And she had the most adorable dolls on their beds as a gift. Hostess with the mostess.  Here are the kids pretending they are all sleeping in the same bed.

 The next morning we went to Aunt Martha's for the best pancakes and hot chocolate.  I miss that place!!

We played hard and then needed more food and I was so pumped for my crepe from the Aviary.  YUMMM.  It was time to part ways, but our time was so sweet with our dear friends.

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  1. What a fabulous trip with lots of happy people! What cuties too! So glad everything went spectacular!