Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Year Later.......Lynna and Amelia Reunite!


We got a call a few weeks ago that the Wolfe family was coming to Branson on their Spring Break.  It didn't coincide with ours, but Lynna really wanted to see Amelia and of course, the feeling was reciprocated.  I wasn't sure how I was going to make it work and not miss school, dance, or church, but we figured it out and loaded up to go to Branson for the night.  I had never done this without Ross and I felt pretty awesome getting there and getting checked in without him, but after I parked and unloaded everything, I was definitely over the I AM WOMAN movement and was looking for my MAN.  The girls reconncected right away and Casiee and I marveled over how their friendship keeps picking up where they left off when they were separated from each other at such a young age. 
Everyone started coloring as we waited on them to get their suits on to swim that evening.  Their little conversations were hilarious and it was so fun to see Faith getting so big.  Last year she was just a month old when we saw her!

I also loved seeing Evan's little personality and he and Elise were hilarious together.  She was just a few months old when they moved to Kansas so these two have never really had a chance to be friends.  We swam that night and got in bed verrrrry late, but it was worth it to see the joy and excitement the friends had as they reconnected.  

The next morning we headed off to the Promise Land Zoo to pet and feed some animals.  Everyone was super excited.  Amelia gave Lynna one of her gloves and dubbed it "the friendship glove," which was hilarious to me and oh so precious.  I remember that stage of switching out a shoe or sock and having friendship necklaces--fun times. 
 We fed deer and kangaroos and goats and pigs and cows and birds.  We petted snakes and baby alligators and lemurs.  We saw monkeys and tigers and wild cats.  It was a great day at a quaint little petting zoo and we were sad to see it end.  Steak n Shake was a delicious treat for lunch and then we had to zoom home for tap class.  My sensitive baby was not impressed the visit was over. 

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  1. Lots of fun had in that short window of time! So glad they got to have a fun visit! Knew they wold love the the little zoo like the big girls did and glad Elise got to go.