Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fall Recital 2014

Very few things get me as excited as when it is time for dance recital.  The girls work SO hard all year learning their dances.  When they get up on stage feeling confident and beautiful in their costumes, it is just too much for this mama.  I just get so nervous and giddy and want to just scream my guts out during the whole dance.  I love watching them dance.  So thankful for a family that is supportive and comes to watch them.  I do NOT take this for granted and know that many don't live close enough for this privilege and that some just aren't close to their family.  Such a special day!!

Checking out the snowflakes!
We are so pleased that we moved to a new studio with a kind and loving teacher.  The girls love Mrs. Tasha and she is encouraging when she needs to be and tough when she needs to be.  So glad that this decision ended up being the right one.  The first of many tough calls we will need to make, I am sure.

Thanksgiving at Mammaw's

Very few people at Mammaw's Thanksgiving ever want their picture made, lol. (Or any other event for that matter, hehe).  But I did get a few snaps that show how much fun was had.  We had a full house and lots of good food and some good laughs at the girls.

 We couldn't wait to decorate for Christmas. The girls had such a fun time putting all our trees up.  Such a magical time of year for so many reasons.  We put up our nativity scenes first and the girls cut out little yellow pieces of hay to sprinkle around the manger.  For some reason, that was just so precious to me. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Thankful To Say The Least

 Thanksgiving itself is such a mindset.  Not the holiday, but the act of giving thanks.  I have read a few books on giving thanks and done some Bible studies and it seems that it always comes back to the state of our heart.  Our attitude and our speech both are a reflection of our gratitude- or lack thereof.  I'm not sure why it is so easy to fall into a woe is me mindset, but I am so thankful for quick and swift reminders that get me back on track.  I have so much to be thankful for and so often I am fearful when I hear stories of others and their pain.  Those that have lost.  And suffered.  I whisper urgent prayers for them quickly followed with, "Please don't let that be me.  Please don't let that be my family."  I feel guilty for these prayers, but they come so immediately.  No one wants to suffer and go through trials.  However, in varying degrees, they come.  I pray I can remember to give thanks in those moments as well as in the mountain top moments. 

We left on Thanksgiving morning to head to Harrison and we were so excited. 
 The morning started off with snuggling on the couch and watching a the parade.  It is funny what sticks in the girls head--they definitely remembered this from last year and insisted the parade watching tradition at Gammy and Gampy's continued.

 That afternoon we all had a delicious meal at Mom and Dad's and took turns writing what we were thankful for on a sign the girls and I had painted.  It was our first year to do that and we had a good time reading everyones. 
 SO thankful that Ross was with us for Thanksgiving and not on call. Love this sweet, hardworking man of mine.  I can remember crying in the bathroom not that many Thanksgivings ago and trying to wipe my eyes so that no one would know.  I desperately hoped that I would have a Thanksgiving to celebrate with a husband and children.  How I wish that girl would have been more faithful and known that this most precious husband and children were on their way. 
 The weather was just PERFECT this year for our tree decorating.  Our sweet tree down by the pond didn't fare too well, so we moved him up to Meme and Pop's front yard and decorated him there.  I love my sweet Poppy so much.  He was determined to carry on this tradition and make it work.

We got so much time together playing and snuggling and that is really and truly my biggest THANKS.  I love quality time and feel so warm and fuzzy whenever I am with my whole family.  Cue the tears.  So thankful we live close enough to enjoy these moments. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Meowwww- Liv Turns THREE!!

We started the morning super happy (Mil looks caught off guard, haha) and excited to head to Liv's party.  She had a specific kitty theme in her mind and we couldn't wait to get our paws on some of Steph's delish breakfast food.  Our little litter looking so cute.  Purrrfectly precious.  Okay, I will stop.

Since Liv loves all things gold, her beloved color was in the party decor and it sure did shine.  Such a fun party to walk into.

She LOVED every gift and had no trouble tearing into each of them.

Steph had a precious adopt a kitty station and there were birth certificates and everything.  My girls were giddy about this portion.

I have a special bond with my wild and wooly, loud and loving Poodle.  She's so precious and smart and strong and fierce.  Happy Third Birthday Liv!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

November's Highlights

 This is a home highlight of almost every month for us, but we just LOVE Legos.  The girls can play and play and Legos are one of Ross's love languages, so that works out nicely.  Such a fun family activity.

Another excited November event was the birth of sweet Thatcher Wayne!  We were so excited to meet this sweet boy and cannot wait to see him grow and develop his own little personality. 

 We had a very busy month getting ready for recital and Amelia is in quite a few more classes than Elise, so Elise has to wait in the lobby with me a lot.  We have a schedule down and LOVE our time out there together.  She is SO good and never gets impatient while waiting on Amelia's class to be over.  Bragging!!
 Amelia had a blast learning about the Pilgrims and the Indians.  She came home with fun info every day and named herself Butterfly Dancing.  Precious girl.
 We did a fun Turkey Trot race at Bergman and Elise got FIRST PLACE and Amelia got SECOND PLACE.  Such a freezing cold morning and we tried desperately to talk the girls out of running but they were not having it.  So, on we went and I am glad we stuck it out.  Extremely proud of them!