Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Christmas at Jen's

 We got to have so many fun Christmas celebrations this year and so many different chances to see each other so close together!  Loved it.  Christmas at Jen's was a blast and there was the most incredible food.  YUM.
 Everyone got games from Meme and Pop and they were a huge hit.  We played them the rest of the break!

 Jen and Tom had gotten together some fun games for everyone to play and we sure got a kick out of them.  She had prizes for the little girls AND the adults.  So exciting.

 It was so nice just being together for so long with no schedule to keep other than opening presents and being together.  That is an EASY schedule to keep.  Love looking back at these photos and thinking of how much fun we all have together. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Christmas Eve

For the first time ever- residency included- Ross was scheduled for call on Christmas Eve.  I was so sad.  Even though I knew it was fair- he was on call the 23, 24, 25.  The three prime days that we have all of our family get togethers.  This would be the first time I wasn't home with my family in my whole life.  But I knew we couldn't leave Ross here to have call and Christmas alone.  So, we worked out a plan.  Mom, Dad, Steph, D and the girls would come to us on Christmas Eve since Ross can't leave town when he is on call.  Meme and Pop were with Jen and family.

You know what???  It worked out perfectly.  We changed our tradition because we were forced to and it was still magical and wonderful.  Which taught me another lesson.  It is more the people than the tradition.  I was pretty darn hung up on the dates and who would be there and less hung up on what mattered.  The miracle that is Christmas. 

It is impossible not to be excited with these four.

Even more awesome is that Mom and Dad spent the night.  They NEVER spend the night with us.  It was like an extra Christmas gift!  We hung out and played toys all the next morning. 

Happiness is...

Matching your sissy for church and at bedtime. 
The Christmas Parade!  And Candy!!

Watching your cousins perform at their recital.

Giggling together about a whole bunch of girl silliness. 

Posing together in those gorgeous Christmas colors.
Being on the farm during unseasonably warm weather.
Seeing Ross's excitement about his new (old) truck.

Snuggling in your jammies with your Pa.

Sugar Cookie Sweetness

This tradition keeps getting more and more fun because the girls are able to do the cookies on their own for the most part.  Okay, a few need more help with sprinkle control than others, but it is so fun, nonetheless. 

This was the hardest year to coordinate schedules, but I love that it is important enough to everyone to push through and find a time to do cookies together.  Made me so happy and made me realize that some traditions take commitment.  They don't just work out magically.  People have to sacrifice to do things that are important to them and I am so glad that I have a family that understands this. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

It's a G and Pa Christmas

 Our first Christmas started off with a BANG at G and Pa's.  Barbara always has such a beautifully decorated table and tree and it feels so magical at Christmas time over there.  The girls were very excited that they each had a HUGE gift this year.
 They had an adorable little table with big girl silverware and plates/cups!  Pretty girls in their Christmas shirts and gold skirts. 

 After presents, we loaded up to go to SDC.  G and Pa got the girls new snowsuits and they were perfect to wear up to SDC and combat the cold.  Both of them even got a little warm this year which is a huge improvement from last year.  We had a blast. 

 The girls loved riding rides with G and Pa; look at those smiles.  Thankful for grandparents that are such good sports. 

 Here is the whole gang!  Such a fun night and tradition that we do each year.  Love this group.
 Elise's Bitty Baby, Mary Beth, was the hit of her Christmas!