Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPRING BREAK 2014: Big Cedar Lodge, Day Two

 We played lots of board games and did lots of swimming!!  It was such a laid back and relaxed day. 

 After swimming and hot tubbing we came back for naps and Amelia woke up early and we painted our nails matching yellow.  It is the little things!!
Then we shuttled to the gift store so the girls could pick out a little treat and toured the property some more.  Playground, mini golf and paddle boats!

 After our adventures we stopped in the little coffee shop for some sandwiches and dessert for dinner.  So happy- all smiles.

 We went back to the room and had two surprise visitors!  G and Pa came to check out our space and we played some more games!

Awesome day and a full heart!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SPRING BREAK 2014: Big Cedar Lodge, Day One

I got an amazing deal off Facebook to go to Big Cedar the week of Spring Break, but we started off with Amelia having strep throat.  BOO.  Thankfully we had many prayers and great medicine and a speedy recovery and we only missed one day of our trip.  These two cuties were raring to go on Tuesday morning.

They took a little nap on the way and before we knew it, we had arrived!  Once again, I was proud of myself for finding the place and checking us in and unloading a thousand bags.  I'm not sure I ever realize that I rely on Ross for this kind of stuff until I am the one doing it.  We checked out our balcony and fireplace first thing! Oh, and they had fresh cookies waiting on us, yummy.

Then we rode the shuttle down to the pool.  This shuttle stole the show.  I mean, really.  The girls (especially Elise) LOVED not being in a car seat.  They loved waiting on the shuttle and just couldn't wait to ride it all over the property.
Got down to the pool and had a blast.  The water was a little cold for me, but we had so much fun swimming together.  Amelia even went under several times which is monumental for her!  She seemed to really turn a corner on being brave this trip.

We dried off and did some sticker faces and then caught the shuttle to Devil's Pool Restaurant.  YUMMY.  The girls were so excited and so precious.

An older couple came up to us  in the restaurant as they were leaving and commented on how precious the girls were and how sweet they seemed.  He said he and his wife couldn't help but notice how well they minded.  I immediately felt a lump in my throat and turned into a bawl bag.  Such a sweet comment and was just the perfect way to spend our girls day.  We went back for a bath and the girls were cozy drying by the fire.  It was such a magical day that it would have been worth it even if we had to leave the next morning.  All the packing and packing and driving and unloading-- so worth that one day of fun.
Ross came after work and he was just in time to kiss them goodnight!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Returning Home, Kind of

 A few days after we got back from Branson, Ross and I were heading to Springfield for Dr. Bell's retirement party.  Ross was asked to speak, which was a great honor, and I was tagging along to see our best friends.  Emily suggested that the kids come too and I jumped at that.  She knows too well that I hate leaving them.  They stayed with a baby sitter for the FIRST time and they loved her so much.  Emily has had the same baby sitter for about six years and I felt very comfortable leaving them with her. 

 Ross did a fabulous job on his speech and so did Shelby.  Loved hearing them talk about a man that influenced them so greatly.  Emily and I had fun being crazy.  Okay, well, I was crazy and Emily laughed---that sums us up. 

Em had a huge air mattress blown up and the girls got to sleep together, which is a BIG treat for them.  They were so tickled.  And she had the most adorable dolls on their beds as a gift. Hostess with the mostess.  Here are the kids pretending they are all sleeping in the same bed.

 The next morning we went to Aunt Martha's for the best pancakes and hot chocolate.  I miss that place!!

We played hard and then needed more food and I was so pumped for my crepe from the Aviary.  YUMMM.  It was time to part ways, but our time was so sweet with our dear friends.