Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Branson. Our fave.

Honestly can't go wrong in Branson.  The National Starpower Dance competition was in Branson and Amelia really wanted to watch the dancers from our studio compete.  Her ultimate of ultimate goals is to get on that competition team.  It was a fun experience to see them dance for the judges and yell and cheer.  We had a blast all three mornings.  Elise had less of a blast, but Amelia and I could have stayed for hours and hours. After the first morning of competition, we went to White Water for Aunt Jen's birthday and in the HOT month of July, we had a very COLD day at White Water.  It was 74 and cloudy, but we made the most of it and had a fun day together.

Mom and Dad spent the night with the girls and I in our hotel (Ross was working the entire weekend) and that was so much fun!  The next day we watched some dance and went to the Landing and walked around and shopped a little.  After naps we headed for the Fun Spot for games.  I don't know what it is about winning tickets that is exciting, but even for me, it is SO fun.  We had a magical night and then after a delicious dinner at Panera, Mom and Dad headed home.  So grateful for our time with them.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ingrid Cate's Camping Party!!!

 Ingrid turned four and had the MOST FUN backyard camping themed party.  Steph is seriously SO talented at planning parties.  It was perfect weather and the cousins had a blast running around; exactly what a party should be. Derek and Steph made perfect little tents to play in and Steph made a felt campfire set that was adorable and so fun.  There was sliding and swinging and hoola hooping.  When I look at this pictures I just get the warmest feeling.  So much love in that backyard.  Ingrid is the neatest little girl.  Thoughtful and contemplative and intelligent and sweet as pie. 

So thankful for parties in the backyard.  Summer sun.  Family time.  Cold drinks.  Rosy cheeks.  Excited squeals. So thankful.  Happy Fourth Ingy.


Oh, sweet, sweet summertime. This is our second summer in our house and in this town and it still feels so new and exciting.  However, it is really my two girls that make things fun.  No matter where we are or what we do. And although we have had some great adventures, some of my favorite days so far are days at home just being.  Steph gave me this simple idea of duct tape on the wrist and collecting treasures to stick to the tape.  Let me tell you, these nature bracelets were such a fabulous idea.  The girls LOVED this morning outside together and so did I.

 Same goes for this evening outside doing sidewalk chalk and playing soccer with Dad.  Both in original outfits of course.

 I just love the mix of fun vacation trips and fun at home.  Both feel so magical in their own right.  It has been almost a month since I have blogged because I have just been soaking up summer.  Gotta play catch up!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reunion 2014

We were blessed with awesome weather for this years Atkinson Reunion.  There was rain looming in the forecast- tons of it.  But it cleared and we had a lot of outside time and an awesome view to enjoy.  The girls had a ton of fun as soon as we unloaded.

Thanks to a precious little spitfire named Liv, the girls got soaked at the water table and made an outfit change for supper. 

After supper, we did some games and puzzles in the cabin, along with some books and then headed down to the lake to throw some rocks in.  I LOVED all being in the same cabin.  Made me secretly wish for a huge compound where we all lived together in different wings, haha.

Our next day was bright and sunny and as the guys headed off to golf, we hooked up the new sprinkler that Mom got and the girls had a blast.

After naps we swam and MAN the water was so cold.  I am more of a swim when it is 100 degrees outside and less of a swim in May person.  The girls had fun and Amelia even swam a bit without her puddle jumper!